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and mitt romney squared off for the third and final time last night. >> the debate at lynn university in boca raton, florida was supposed to focus on foreign policy. chris finish fisher is in our -- kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more on what happened. a lot thought they could veer this toward the economy. did they do that? >> reporter: for the most part the candidates did stick to foreign policy. there was really no clear winner out of the third and final debate although both cbs and cnn instant polls did give president obama a slight edge. but mitt romney, he held his own, no major gaffes, even though the subject matter of this third and final debaipt as you said -- debate as you said foreign policy is widely considered to be his weakest issue. you can see these two candidates were all smiles when they walked out, but no -- make no mistake about it, this was another very heated debate. the most memorable line, the most tweeted line about the night came from the president who attacked his opponent's comments about cuts to the defense budget. >> i think governor romney
obama and governor romney spent the weekend out of sight. in the meantime their lead supporters fanned out across the sunday talk show. >> the president created this false image of mitt romney. >> this is going to be a very close race. we feel we are even or ahead. >> the election is two weeks from tomorrow. bob scheaffer the host of cbs's face the nation will moderate tonight's final presidential debate. we are your go-to debate station. beginning at 9:00 p.m. on our website we will be live blogging about what the candidates say. we will be fact checking the candidate's statement with usa today. >>> this morning a woman is recovering after being attacked while jogging along the capital crescent trail. 9news now reporter kristen fisher is live in bethesda. >> this suspect is on the loose and the victim still recovering this morning after she was knocked unconscious while jogging. it happened right around dusk, around 7:00 yesterday evening. this woman, just 21 years old had stopped running for just a few seconds to allow some deer to cross the trail. someone knocked her unconscious and
paul ryan making stops in bristol and charlottesville. >> then mitt romney is planning three virginia stops this sunday. he starts in haymarket. with less than two weeks to go before election day, both campaigns are crisscrossing the swing states. tuesday the candidates focused on who has a plan to improve america over the next four years. >> we haven't heard an agenda from the. that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead. >> i've laid out a plan for jobs and middle class security. unlike mitt romney, i'm proud to talk about what's in my plan. >> president obama's campaign will distribute 20-page outlines of his agenda in the battleground state. mitt romney's campaign says his five-point plan can be found on his website. >>> he's been in congress for 20 years but maryland republican rosco bartlet has a new group of constituents who may not vote for him. his sixth district has been radically changed by redistricting giving challenger john delaney a greater chance of upsetting the incumbent. >> kristin fisher is following this. she has more from our s
will make stops in bristol and charlottesville. >> then mitt romney is scheduled to arrive in the commonwealth sunday starting with an event in haymarket w. less than two weeks left and early voting under way, the candidates have often tried to hit several swing states each day. but today the republican challenger is going to narrow his focus to ohio. several stops in that state. >> ohio could well be the place that elects the next president of the united states. >> we are pulling an all nighter. no sleep. and if you're not going to sleep, you might as well be in vegas. >> the president also appeared on the tonight show with jay leno as part after blitz across six states on his tour. today one of the president's stops will be in chicago where he will cast his ballot. >>> locally a shake-up in the campaign of long-term congressman jim moran. his son pat has resigned over what ef said in a secretly -- what he said in a secretly recorded video. kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more. who recorded this, kristin? >> reporter: it's very interesting. this video shows
. >> meanwhile republican campaign workers think early voting might benefit their cause instead. mitt romney is scheduled to make three stops in virginia this sunday with the first one being in haymarket. more than seven million people have already cast their vote for president. >>> along the east coast the campaign is taking a bit of a back seat to hurricane sandy. 9news now reporter kristin fisher live at pepco's d.c. headquarters where preparations are under way. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. are you ready for this? it's hard to believe it's almost november and here we are having to deal with hurricane sandy pepco and bge have already activated their emergency plans. bge even issued a statement saying its customers should be prepared for, quote, hundreds of thousands potential outages if the storm does indeed turn in our direction. pepco is already calling out to crews in other states for reinforcement. >> we've activated our teams. contractors are ready and available immediately to help address restoration efforts if we need to do them. >> reporter: pepco and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5